Hermit Island rally


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Three venues share in a three-year rotation as the site of the annual North American rally. Last year, 2015, the rally was at Wellesley Island. This year, 2016, the rally is at Killbear. Normally the Hermit Island venue would be next, in 2017.

But, on occasion the International rally comes to North America. When it does, what would usually be the North American rally becomes the International rally.

That’s the case in 2017 and some European sailors have asked to have the 2017 International rally at Wellesley Island instead of Hermit Island.

  • Currently there is a discussion about changing the location of the 2017 International rally to Wellesley Island and, if it changes, how Hermit Island fits back into the North American rally rotation.
  • See the International and Wellesley Island rally forums for more.

You can find out about the previous Hermit Island rallies with the Whiffle and USWA website links in the right sidebar.

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Dreaming of 2018…

Al Schonborn suggests we should probably start with a look at the tides.

April 25, 2016

Tides and currents for Hermit Island is what I have been inspired to check out to find likely dates for Hermit Island 2018, my favourite sailing place. According to the NOAA tide tables for Phippsburg, ME we get two possible weeks in August, given the premise that we’ll want to exit and re-enter Small Point Harbor with the tide to the extent possible:

The week of Sat 4 Aug 2018 starts us with L tide at 1151 hrs, and by Thursday 9 Aug L is up to 1604 hrs. The weekend of the 4th is a long weekend for us in Canada. Would the week of the 18th thus be better traffic-wise?

The week of Sat 18 Aug 2018 appears to repeat this cycle about 6 minutes later each day.

Opinions? Will link this to my W Calendar.

Best regards,

Uncle Al W3854

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A rally is a series of daysails originating from a fixed rally site, usually a campground. A cruise is a sail from place to place often with a different anchorage each day.

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